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Custom Data Sources

IC Robotics makes it easy to integrate your data with our platform in order to write templates based on live data directly in our editor. There are two ways to provide the custom data; setting up a search and a data endpoint or providing the data directly when generating the content.

  1. When using the data endpoint method, all you need is to implement two endpoints: One for searching your data subjects (Search Endpoint), and one for getting the actual data (Data Endpoint). For instance, if you were to write about soccer games, you would search for actual matches, and return a list of matches based on the search term. When an match in the results is selected you would retrieve the data for that specific game. Currently, we only support authentication provided as queryparameters. The benefit of this method is that you have access to your live data in our editor, allowing you to create rich and comprehensive templates.

  2. Providing the data directly, means that you use the POST endpoint when generating content, and providing the data in the body of the request. When doing this it is necessary to import test data, to be able to set up the template. Note that it is important the the variables (names and types) from the test data matches the variables provided when generating the content. The benefit of this method is that it provides more flexibility to dynamically generate content.

Common for both methods is that the data must be formatted in a specific way, as described in the Data Format page.

Once you've set up your data and/or endpoints, contact us to have your custom data source set up.